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Nutritionist Lisa Jubilee
“Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or simply improving eating habits, no two bodies are alike. Learn what your body needs to get the results you want.”
Lisa Jubilee

Lisa Jubilee, MS, CDN

Nutritionist, Co-founder

Lisa Jubilee has been counseling individuals on permanent weight management and health for over 15 years.  Her mission is to empower individuals to have a healthy relationship with food and to understand that food is medicine.  By losing 28 pounds naturally and working in a popular weight loss center where she observed clients repeatedly losing and regaining weight, she chose to center her practice on the reasons why one develops food and eating habits that sabotage their well being.  Miss Jubilee strongly believes that permanent physical changes can only occur if deleterious lifestyle and eating habits are replaced by constructive practices.  By implementing behavior modification techniques clients are able to learn new eating and lifestyle habits that lead to a healthier body composition, increased vitality and a positive self image.

In 2005, Lisa became the co-founder of Living Proof Nutrition Fitness. Living Proof was created to offer an intimate atmosphere for those who are committed to improving their health, appearance and vitality in a natural and permanent fashion. Ms Jubilee’s philosophy on nutrition emphasizes the importance of understanding how and why eating habits are developed and the impact those habits have on food choices throughout one’s life.  The quality of the food we consume is vital to our overall health and appearance, even more so than quantity of calories, Ms. Jubilee believes.  As a response to this, clients are educated on how to achieve the highest quality nutrition attainable for their lifestyle.  Working with Lisa can be equated to taking a personal course in nutrition while learning how to obtain and maintain your ideal body composition and health status.

Lisa has been featured in numerous leading publications, including Pilates Style, Parenting Magazine, Time Out New York, Women’s Health, Amsterdam News, AM New York, The Network Journal and Black Enterprise.  Companies such as Out of the Blue, Moteevate and Groupstance have also engaged her as an expert nutritionist.

Lisa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Foods and Nutrition from Rutgers University and her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University.  She is a New York State Certified Dietician-Nutritionist.